'Altar' is a spoken word opera on video which loosely refers to ancient Greek dramas and early Netherlandish paintings. I deal with the violent aesthetic effects of the contemporary pornography. I see the pornography as a symptom of the fetishistic consumer society, which feasts the human body as commodity by subjecting it to the need of optimization, while running the risk of extinguishing it completely. Pornography transforms the natural sexual desire into a visual lust that not only objectifies the body but overcomes its borders and threatens to destroy it.

The protagonist of the opera is the so-called prolapse ball in the shape of a dodecahedron, a geometrical figure (see video below). Every single sphere unfolds an animated loop of a rectal prolapse, taken from porn-video footage.

Installation view

The projection screen in the corner of the gallery space refers to the "red corner". It is the place in the homes of Eastern-Orthodox' where the religious icon is traditionally located.